The Baron's Nieces

Session One
Starting Out

The Bergermeister has sent for a small group of heroes to embark on a most pressing mission. His Nieces and their handmaidens have gone missing. They are believed to be kidnapped, then taken to a volcanic land mass roughly the size of Mexico. The small party of five (Rem, Takit, Therivol, Clarissa, and Crag) assemble on a boat bound for the volcano. Upon their arrival, they discover that the volcano is showing new activity. Strange prints in the sand indicate humans, and some type of claw footed creature, have had a small battle. There is blood mixed in with the struggle, and all the prints seem to pull the group in it’s direction. The group follows the trail on horseback as far as the horses dare to carry them, then proceed the rest of the way on foot. Halfway up the smoking mountain there is a cave that looks to be an entrance of sorts. With the promise of a hefty reward, the party enters the cave with a steely reserve, not sure what they would find in there.

A blasting heat emanates from the opening, as Crag (the Dwarf) hands around a few energy drinks to help combat fatigue and exhaustion. Once inside the cave the heroes discover that it is only semi-dark. Nobody can really figure if it is natural, or if it is some magic trick that keeps everything dimly lit.

Ambush! From the ceiling above, spiders fall onto the heads of the heroes! Therivol (an elf) manages to catch one with his face, as the others manage to avoid their assailants. As Therivol struggles to get free, the party dispatches the remaining spiders and comes face to face with lobstermen! After a brief struggle, Therivol rids himself of the spider, and turns to help the others. Crag and his axe have felled most of the lobstermen, while Rem (an Elf), Clarissa (a human), and Takit (a human) have taken care of the rest.

Continuing onward and inward, the party comes to a fork in the road. On the right, there is what looks to be blue glowing water, with steam rising off of it. To the left, it looks like a mix of lava pits and blue water pits. The small group can make out three figures in the dim light. Quietly, the group decides to try the blue glowing water.

At the blue water the five adventurers find stalactites on the ceiling, and some kind of urchin looking creatures patrolling the water. Across the water, which is so hot it steams, a stalagmite or two grows from the floor. Takit (with one end of a rope in his hand) takes a running start, flies over the water, and is surprised as hell when a tongue from the ceiling tries to snatch him out of mid air. A near miss and he lands safely on the other side. After tying his end of the rope to the rising stone, Rem pulls his end taught and ties it to his side across the pool. Takit releases “butterflies” at the stalactites revealing that there are more than one of these tongue creatures hanging from the ceiling. Clarissa crosses the rope dodging a tongue by a slim margin, while Therivol’s crossing gets him pulled up toward the mouth in the ceiling. A precise shot from Rem drops Therivol into the almost boiling water. Clamoring for land, Therivol muscles his way to his destination. The smaller party of three looks around on their little platform, and finds a couple things. Along one wall there are glyphs or letter looking things on the wall. Therivol reads them aloud: “The Greatness is Sorana, and the Swordsman Bezzintine.” A door opens on their side of the pool. Clarissa enters the room to investigate, while Therivol takes a better look around. He finds what looks like a plate in the water, and pushes it with a dagger. The door closes behind Clarissa, locking her inside the little room, but she doesn’t seem to notice. She has her attention on a sword laden with runes, and a glowing hilt. Therivol fears the worst for Clarissa, and quickly rereads the script on the wall, opening the door once again. As he reads the script this time, he notices that the door seems to open at the word “greatness”.

A rumbling from the entrance sends the party back across the pool to their companions, and around the corner. They come to an abrupt halt as they find the entrance they entered from has caved in. It now seems the only way out is through the lava and steaming water pits. Making their way to the pits, the group finds that footprints are abound, but there are no creatures to be found anywhere. Only two tracks disappear into the mist, all the rest seem to sink into the pits at the adventurers’ feet. As they advance, lobstermen explode out of the water pits and grab for the party members. Therivol and Clarissa prove to be far too quick for their assailants, and Crag is able to break free, but Rem is all wrapped up with little problem. The lobsterman attacking him is dragging him into the pit he came out of. Takit, having nothing jump out at him so far, starts in on the closest of the foul lobstermen. As the group dispatches the attackers, one thing becomes clear to Rem. He needs to break free of his attacker, or he is going to drown. Suddenly, the water in the pit Rem got dragged into seems to drain like a bathtub when the stopper is pulled. Rem, still fighting the choke hold, gets a little help from the rest of the party, and gets himself out of the pool alive. Upon closer inspection, Therivol picks up a ball of some sort from the bottom of the pit, seemingly the reason for the draining water. With little inspection, he stores the warm squishy ball in a sack. As the group takes a closer look at the room they are in, Crag wanders into a firetrap, an empty pit trap, and a secret door. He triggers them one at a time, as they all seem to go off or open, right in his face. Behind the door, the group finds a chest, 3 bottles of wine, 5 bottles of blue potion looking stuff, and what looks like a map of some sort. Looking at the map, and remembering where they have been, the group thinks it to be a map of this underground labyrinth they have entered.

The group continues onward deeper into the volcano following the path in front of them. Suddenly, attackers appear in the front and the rear of the group! Rem and Therivol hastily make for the shadows, and go unseen by two lobstermen who pass them by. After a devastating sneak attack, and a few arrows later, the two passers by drop dead in their tracks. Lightning crosses a river of lava and strikes Takit after obliterating one of the lobstermen. Therivol tumbles out of the shadows, and tries to flank one of the lobstermen converging on Takit. He makes a dashing roll, raises his sword, and is stricken with fear! He runs from the battle, all the way back to the pool with the secret door. The remainder of the group takes out two more in battle, and arrows from Rem make the six on the other side of the river of lava disappear.


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